Tampa Karate Kid

Karate Kid Tampa

“THE KARATE KID, starring Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan and Taraji P. Henson, is a story about a bullied boy who learns self-defense and much more under the tutelage of an unlikely kung fu master.”

The new Karate Kid Movie hits theaters in Tampa June 11th! Tae Kwon-Do Carrollwood will be at the AMC Veterans on the 12th and 13th handing out coupons for a free week of Martial Arts and a free Martial Arts Uniform! This is your chance to be a Karate Kid right here in Tampa. Learn the same values and skills taught in the movie. Martial Arts teaches essential skills for leadership, discipline, self confidence and much, much more.

Parents, Martial Arts gives your child the opportunity to learn goal setting, achieve greater things, lead in the schools, build self confidence and learn skills that will stay with them all their lives. Bullying is an enormous problem for kids today and with Martial Arts skills they learn to be more assertive and walk with their heads held high. Confidence is often all it takes to avoid being bullied.

It’s not just for kids! You too can gain the same life skills, not only do kids who train in Martial Arts get better grades but adults who train in Martial Arts tend to have higher paying jobs and roles in leadership.

Free Week and Free Uniform

Stop by and mention that you saw the Karate Kid and receive a FREE week and FREE uniform from Tae Kwon-Do Carrollwood! Do not put off changing your life any longer, watch the movie and take action today by visiting our school. Stop by our school and check out our facilities today to see how Martial Arts can improve you and your child’s life!

Are you Tampa’s Karate Kid?